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The simple free app to find baby friendly places that you used to love before baby arrived

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Who are we?

Baby Point App is being built by parents for parents

Tinu and Madu are parents to Joshua, navigating their way through parenthood and finding solice in knowing that parent challenges are experienced by all! Baby Point was born when Madu in his infinite wisdom decided to go on a reality TV show for a month leaving his wife and newborn to work it out alone! Madu, a seasoned software developer is now paying for his absence by building his wife an app! A nice bit of jewellery might have been easier!

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help parents with children to have confidence in public and freedom in the community because parents should feel confident enough to go out so that they can improve the moods of themselves and their children and enjoy their time together.

When you have a baby you shouldn’t stop doing the things you love. You just may have more luggage when you get there!

Planning a lunch meet up?

Need to find somewhere that you don't have to apologise for breast feeding or asking for hot water for your little ones bottle?

Baby Points are clear about what they offer and you can decide where suits you best before you venture out!

Pooh Explosion

Need a changing facility before the explosion results in irreversible stainage on the pram or is it an ‘up the backer’?! The glorious travelling pooh that somehow ends up everywhere but in the nappy! Baby Point App will help you find the closest facility to your current location!

Baby Point App will help you find the closest facility to your current location!

In a new area?

Just want to sit and watch the world go by, enjoying good food with your child?

Baby Point App can open a world of possibilities and new places to try out! Some are even offering amazing discounts!

Why Download Baby Point App?

This isn’t another app to find you a local soft play area or another baby massage class, there are only so many of these classes that even the most dedicated mum attends. Baby Point App will find you ‘normal’ places you used to love before your baby arrived, that welcome you bringing your baby, and it will tell you what facilities it has so you’re prepared, and can possibly consider leaving that kitchen sink at home! Better still, some of these places are pretty quiet at some times of the day, so you may even nab yourself a juicy discount through the app

How can you get involved?

The Baby Point App is made by parents for parents! We need Baby Pointers! What’s that when it’s at home I hear you asking?! A Baby Pointer is someone who tells us where the Baby Points are!

We need you to put Baby Points on the app! From your favourite holiday hang out to your secret spot for afternoon tea or a Sunday roast at your local pub! We want them all! Anywhere you love to go can be a Baby Point, just rock up, check what facilities they have and put it on the app. Easy! You can even review facilities and tell other parents your recommendations!